The extensive range of events and training courses for clients, engineering firms and quality mark holders is a key part of the package of RAL quality assurance services alongside the inspection and advisory activities.


One of the tasks of the Gütegemeinschaft as described in its Statutes is: "to encourage and where necessary itself to conduct training and professional development, seminars and events with the aim of improving the assembly and maintenance of drains and sewers."


The following pages tell you more about the events, meetings and training courses offered by the bodies or institutions of the Gütegemeinschaft:


  • Knowledge sharing for clients and contractors on how to execute construction works properly and avoid mistakes.
  • Client expert meetings for clients and engineering firms dealing with issues of proper tendering, execution and construction monitoring.
  • Company seminars (cross-business professional development events) highlighting the differing tasks and duties involved in quality assurance and explaining particular aspects of the proper execution of construction works.
  • Trade fairs as discussion forums for all those involved or interested in sewer construction quality assurance.
  • Executive Board meeting: The Executive Board is responsible for all tasks of the Gütegemeinschaft insofar as the Statutes do not assign these to other institutions of the association.
  • Quality Committee meeting: In addition to drafting the Quality and Test Specifications, the Quality Committee is tasked with examining applications for the quality mark, initiating withdrawal of the quality mark and proposing sanctions in the event of non-compliance.
  • Advisory Board meeting: The role of the Advisory Board is to advise the Gütegemeinschaft in all matters relating to quality assurance.